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Just wanted to say

Post by Mr. Darkness » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:23 pm

The event has finished

Its my birthday today (22.03) :)

Thank you everyone for playing Lambda Wars!
Thank you developers for letting me work with you all, yo!

I can't even express it proper. It means a lot to me to have worked on this project for over a year already.
I joined the development when the game was released on Steam and have been a part of Vortal Storm since then. Man, ain't that cool?

For anyone curious, you may get to play with me on Friday evening-night (European time). I'll be on all day in Lambda Wars! :)
My name there is :star: :zzz: Mr. Darkness, don't miss out!

-Mikhail "Mr. Darkness" Romantsov.

P.S.: I've turned 21.
Mr. Darkness: fucking game
Sandern: yeah, game sucks
Mr. Darkness: ya, the devs must be some total twats
Mr. Darkness: Who even names a game like that
Mr. Darkness: "Lambda Wars"
Mr. Darkness: fucking pathetic
Mr. Darkness: right?
Sandern: yes

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