level desighner / mapper

Post here if you want to help out with Lambda Wars.
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level desighner / mapper

Post by svbg869 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:17 am

now, i don't have any hl2 wars maps made, but i played the mod a while back (wasnt to good with hammer at the time) but since then i feel i have come to a point where i need someone to push me to get something done, and who better then a mod team :)

ill see if i can wip up some maps based on your media post

Name : Stephen

Location : Canada, Ontario, Windsor
Age : 18

Position desired : level desighner / mapper

Relevant skills : hammer, logic entity's

Other development-related skills : pre planning maps, considering new players when creating maps

Previous mod experience : none, tho as stated i have maps

Examples of work / portfolio : http://www.fpsbanana.com/members/maps/397557

Why do you want to work on HL2W?
i love RTS's, my brother and i have a round of starcraft over lan all the time, i also love the HL universe, combining the two is just awesome. And im hoping to get into a collage for video game design in sept, as such any experience such as this would be most welcome.

currently i dont have any DL of the mod, ill get one tomorrow (i do end up planning out anymaps)

also, i know for a fact i can be rather lazy if im not really into something, course the inverse is true, if im into something good luck stopping me :)

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