Sound Designer and possibly Voice Acting.

Post here if you want to help out with Lambda Wars.
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Sound Designer and possibly Voice Acting.

Post by gtaiiilc » Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:20 pm

I love this mod and would love to assist if I can.
I have created sound effects and done voice overs for a few maps and mods( almost all are unreleased yet or have died off :x , the ones that haven't are old and should never see the light of day again.). I have also done quite a bit of work for non-source mods.
I am doing some voice overs for a Star Trek Armada II mod "Sigma" or , I have done almost all of the sound effects for the Cortex Command mod "Ragnar's Army" ( I have also taken over that project so any future sound will also be made by me) , and lastly I have done various voice overs and sound effects for other Cortex Command mods.

here is a link to my works, some are quite old but I fell they still show some of what I can do.
I hope I will be able to help with this mod, thank you for your time and, Good Day!

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