Magnusson Devices & Gravity Gun Unit

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Magnusson Devices & Gravity Gun Unit

Post by Kaapeli47 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:27 pm

Remember Doctor Magnusson and his Magnusson Devices from Half-Life 2 Episode 2? Here they would be carried by a unit who has a Gravity Gun, since in Episode 2 it is needed for shooting them.

I call this unit the Rebel Scientist:
The Rebel Scientist would have either an SMG or an AR2 as a standard weapon and would use the Gravity Gun as an ability to stun and knock back manhacks, rollermines, hoppermines, scanners and turrets. He would also have an ability to fling Magnusson Devices with his Gravity Gun, which would act like a sticky bomb. The Device would be activated by shooting at it and it would do area damage but has a damage falloff depending on how far the unit is away from the center of the explosion. it would also stick to bigger and why not smaller units, especially to the Strider, which would deal a LOT of damage. The Rebel Scientist would be available either from the Headquarters or from the Special Ops and would cost even more than Dog.

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