Unit - Advisor

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Unit - Advisor

Post by bird1000000 » Sun Nov 29, 2015 4:22 am

Because the base adviser has no actual A.I. I'll try not suggest anything that requires A.I. coding (Besides movement)
I think the adviser should just have abilities

How its made:

OPTION 1: Sacrifice (Probably not possible)
1 Strider
2 Hunters
2 Stalkers
3 Snipers
3 Elite Soldiers
3 Observers
5 AR2 soldiers
15 SMG OR ar2 soldiers

Put all on a adviser construction platform, Click on the platform and click sacrifice, Once begun it will drain 2 power/s and you must have above 250 surplus power during constructions
(Construction time 240)

OPTION 2: Standard
Same as above but instead of sacrifice just requisition and takes 480 power instead of draining 2 per second

General Information:
Health: 5000 (As they are incredibly strong in the game)
Speed: Same speed as the fastest unit in the game
Energy max: 250 (500 with max advisory upgrade[Cost to be determined])
Population: 0 (Only one can be made per play, if multiple players make it there can only be one per group stopping them from stacking)
Advisers can do large damage to buildings but no damage to units.
Hovers above units and acts as a support unit, cannot be attacked by melee units.
Advisers MUST be on top of a group of units (Cannot be a stalker)
Deal 75 damage/s to buildings (Once building is destroyed 15 second cooldown)

Confusion: Makes any enemy moving units go to a random place on the map, owner cannot tell them to go somewhere else for 5 seconds.

Vision impairment: Makes any enemy units have 30% less sight for 60 seconds

Brain control: Grants control to enemy units for 5 seconds

Mayhem: All enemy units try to kill each other for 3 seconds

Pulse shock: Large AOE attack that is used to knock back enemy units

Help!: Triples the affect of the advisers buffs for 30 seconds

Electra-magnetic shield: Stops the ability of hacking and EMP's for for -2 Power/s
10% Attack rate or damage
10% Speed
10% Less damage taken
10% faster ability rechage rate
Heals units at 1 HP per second

Counter unit (Rebels)
EMP (Like a grenade but stops the advisers buffs for 10 seconds,(Requsition 25) Does very little damage to other units. Weakens Synth units)
Hacking station: Must be manned by 3 engineers, can also disable it's buffs for 12 seconds instead of for a time it has an ability, recharge 120, (requisition 75)

Sorry for mistakes :/ I don't have time to edit :lwsad:

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