Hero Units

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Hero Units

Post by Deity » Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:38 am

A pretty generic idea that has been suggested to some extent, one thing to say is that I think general hero type units would allow for more in-depth gameplay.

Each faction would get a hero unit or possibly more then one to select from each with special abilities aswell as providing passive bonuses to your units and or income.

Gordon Freeman- Assault Hero. Provides morale boost to units increasing strength
Special Unit- HEV assault squads

Barney Calhoun- Espionage Hero. Morale gives units a speed boost
Special Unit- Metro Police spies can be sent to infiltrate to steal resources

Alyx Vance- Tech Hero. Receive more income (or start with a higher tier unit unlocked?)
Special Unit-Dog? (or some sort of vehicle)
Advisor- Tech Hero?. Strikes uneasy fear into enemies decreasing damage
Psychic superiority= can force push enemies, and sucks out brains to gain health back

Supreme Combine General- Assault Hero. Grants extra armor to units
Cheaper combine balls
Hive Queen- General Hero. Increases rate of antlions spawned.

Something like this, of course there are a multitude of ways to implement heroes I suggested multiple heroes per faction but it'd probably be better to just have one I only said more for the sake of ideas and possible unique variations.

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