Rebel and Combine Teleporters?

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Rebel and Combine Teleporters?

Post by MCJJ » Sat Apr 24, 2010 8:44 pm

Hey guys.

As I said on the Off-Topic Discussion section, in the Starcraft ideas Topic, I'll make a suggestion about implementing Teleporters in the game.

First of all, we'll start from the Rebels and then we'll end at the Combine.


When I played Half-Life 2 for the first time, I was quite surprised (not to mention impressed) that the Resistance managed to make a pair of Teleporters from scratch. I don't really know how they made them, but as far as I'm concerned, I think they used some Dark Energy, a couple of old computers, and some Xen Relays to make it work.

IF the Teleporters were made from scratch, then the Rebels can make them from scratch too - with or without scientists. But there are questions that I've been thinking about:

How much Metal does it cost for building a Pair of Teleporters?

How much Metal does it cost for 1 or 2 Rebel Units to travel from the Entrance to the Exit/Vice Versa?

How much Time does it take for the Rebel Teleporters to cooldown after usage?

Do the Rebel Teleporters have some bad effects, like the destruction of the Teleporters a random second after it was used a lot?

Personally, I think it would cost about 250 Metal for each Rebel Teleporter created, and I think it would cost about 100 Metal for each Rebel Unit to be Teleported, and the Time it'll take would be around 15-25 seconds, and I'd say No to the last question, because that might be a bit unfair for players who'd got their attention caught at the prospect of making a pair of Teleporters.


When I got to the part in Nova Prospekt, where I need to defend both me and Alyx from Combine Soldiers with Reprogrammed Combine Turrets while waiting for the Combine Teleporter to cooldown, I was surprised to know that Judith Mossman was a traitor working for the Combine. She apparently stole the Designs for the Teleporters from Eli Vance, and used them to make Combine-Style Teleporters for her Employers in Nova Prospekt and in The Citadel.

Their Teleporters were made from the same Black Metal that the Combine had in abundance. And since they had sentient and intelligent beings from Outer Space doing the thinking and working, they had even more abundant supplies and locations of Dark Energy and Relays in Outer Space and in Xen. Best of all, they have High-Tech
equipment in their disposal, ranging from Portable Manhacks and Scanners to near unstoppable Super Lasers.

The Combine will use, and modify the Designs to fit their needs. They'll have the same things that the Rebels have - Costs, Time Taken, Problems - if everyone decides that the Teleporters will be implemented or not.

But personally again, I think the Combine would have lesser Metal Costs like 125 Metal per Teleporter and 50 Metal for each Combine Units to be Teleported, but the Time Taken will take much longer than the Rebel Teleporters to cooldown. And lastly, the Problems are the same as the Rebels' ones.

I hope I made a clear explanation about implementing Teleporters in the Mod, and I hope everyone will agree to this suggestion/idea of mine.

Thanks for reading, all. I'll be expecting good and bad comments about this. :)
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