Drop in development activity

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Drop in development activity

Post by Mr. Darkness » Sat May 13, 2017 8:06 pm

Hello, strategists!

A lot has been going on in our development team lately.
Songbird's departure, drop of productivity in development and so on... What's going on?
Songbird has done a great deal of work for us.
His achievements:
-New website
-Official e-mail
-New team members
-Motivation for us all
-New trailers
-New game content
-Trello (which isn't being used! fucken lazy devs yo)
-...many more

Right now exams are coming up, lots of stuff to do, and it is all quite a hassle. Dealing with all of this isn't easy and quick, so try to understand.

Summer promises to be better in terms of development activity however, so keep that in mind.
Right now the best you can do is talk to us on Discord and Steam discussions. We are always there.
Mr. Darkness: fucking game
Sandern: yeah, game sucks
Mr. Darkness: ya, the devs must be some total twats
Mr. Darkness: Who even names a game like that
Mr. Darkness: "Lambda Wars"
Mr. Darkness: fucking pathetic
Mr. Darkness: right?
Sandern: yes

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