Lambda Wars Update Version 3.01b (February 25th 2017)

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Lambda Wars Update Version 3.01b (February 25th 2017)

Post by Mr. Darkness » Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:05 pm

Hello, strategists!
We have released an update. Update version 3.01b (previous 3.01a).

Lambda Wars Update 25 February 2017 (3.01b)
  • Error model inside combine bunker
  • Tutorial now works properly
  • Shieldgen no longer requires power in Overrun
  • Fixed crash caused by spamming combine balls

  • Rebel CPU now builds junkyards near scrap
  • they are now more aggressive early game
  • Rescaled price for veterans by a bit
  • Reduced health for veterans to 120 (from 180)
  • Increased crossbow damage from 100 to 160
  • Increased crossbow explosive bolt damage from 100 to 240
  • Partisans with molotov and partisans with smg now share the same passive "Revolutionary Fervor"
  • Metropolice with pistols now require additional 1 power for production.
  • Optimized particle effects by reducing max particle count for some particle effects
  • Modified mortar effect a bit.
That's that.
If you have any questions, please leave them here or ask us directly at our Discord channel:

Mr. Darkness: fucking game
Sandern: yeah, game sucks
Mr. Darkness: ya, the devs must be some total twats
Mr. Darkness: Who even names a game like that
Mr. Darkness: "Lambda Wars"
Mr. Darkness: fucking pathetic
Mr. Darkness: right?
Sandern: yes

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