Lambda Wars February 11th Update

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Lambda Wars February 11th Update

Post by Mr. Darkness » Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:08 pm

Changelog for Lambda Wars Update 11 February 2017:

  • Rebel billet now costs 10 requisition and gives 4 population.
  • Competitive resources - added "power" to resources table.
  • hlw_thirst - Small changes for highground - units can't get on them anymore.
  • hlw_outland - Added trigger_hurt beneath the map that kills units, which may get stuck (headcrabs, etc).
  • hlw_city16 - A new map Pandango has been working on (it is unfinished and wasn't even meant to make an appearence this build, however... oops)
  • New structures - Bunkers for Rebels&Combine and Combine Forcefield preveiously seen in Overrun now in Annihilation and Competitive modes. The force frields require power generators.
  • New ability for Saboteur - Plant Mines (they also have stripes on them for convenience)
  • Rebel flamer now throws smoke grenades
  • Partisan with SMG was added back to the barracks (with increased cost and production time)
  • Partisan with Molotov now has the same passive as Partisan with SMG
  • Rebel soldier and Combine soldier now have to be unlocked by constructing a Munition Depot/Armory
  • When a fast headcrab kills a human unit, it gets turned into a fast zombie
  • Metrocop with pistol was added back to the game. Upgrading to metrocop to SMG costs 15 req 7 power, while making a metrocop with SMG1 is cheaper
  • Tier system, where lower tier units do less damage against higher tier units
  • Added work sounds for buildings when in process of making units and researching upgrades.
  • Munition depot/Armory price was increased (40/20 - 40/40; 40/30 - 40/50)
  • Rebels and Combine have to unlock grenades individually per unit.
  • Grenade explosion timer was increased.
  • New Munition Depot building model.
Known Issues:
  • Annihilation mode: Rebel HQ costs too cheap
  • Competitive mode: Missing icon for Vortigaunt Den, name for Vortigaunt Den, description for Vortigaunt Den (is the building itself missing tho?)
  • hlw_city16 unfinished - navigation meshes bugged, some other unfinished matters to address (the map wasn't meant to be released this build, but oh well)
  • A missing model component for Combine Bunker (A flashy red ERROR)
  • Tutorial won't work with the new changes for now.
  • Some missing sound files (Open console and type the command snd_rebuildaudiocache to fix this)
  • Some players reported crashes with mines.
Hey guys.

It's been a while since we released an update. This one is big and includes new structures and some new mechanics, along with abilities.
Early game has been re-enhanced and the game now plays differently. You MUST unlock new stuff to get ahead.

Just so you know, there will be a patch coming to this, since we do need to address the glitches in this current update.

This update is mainly meant for monitoring the currently approached balance of the game (with the return of partisans and cops with pistols), and is also intended for noticing issues with the current build.

That's that. We'll be keeping you updated on all the progress in our dev progress. You can also bug Songbird about it if you're interested ;)

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