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Q1 Lambda Wars Tournament

Post by Wrench » Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:54 pm

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to report the past week has been mindblowingly busy for us (more on this on the 22nd dev update!), but not all of it has been development related.

Together with Hayden, the person behind our Social Media, I've set up a tournament for some of the bigger (and smaller, of course) communities for Garry's Mod. We were surprised to see some of them have their own dedicated area to Lambda Wars. A pleasant surprise, of course!

We have approached numerous communities, and we have had responses from almost all of them. None of this is official yet, we need to work a lot of things out. I hope to have my decision by February the 10th, after which the tournament will start, or be cancelled.

While this tournament isn't "publically" accessible to compete in, we are compensating this to host an open tournament in the third quarter of this year. You can expect more news on this in July.

Tournament Information

The tournament will be held in the relative same way that people from '14 and upwards might have remembered.

The following communities have already committed their information, and are working on (or have already established) their teams;
We want to welcome these Communities to the tournament pre-planning, and they are free to send in their own suggestions on how to help us with the tournament.

Guidelines, Rules;

As this is a real tournament, hosted by the LW Team, there will be guidelines and rules.

  1. The Tournament is hosted in Lambda Wars on official servers provided by the LW Team (logging purposes).
  2. The tournament will be livestreamed.
  3. The Tournament will have its own staff, instated by the Project / Community Manager or a person he/she puts in charge of the tournament organisation.
  4. A Tournament is to show sportsmanship, and to enjoy yourself. We expect all Communities to maintain a sense of decorum to eachother when playing, and during previous communication times.
  5. Victorious teams will be announced by the present Tournament Staff after analysing the game.
  6. Communities carry their own responsibility to present a fitting banner for on livestreams (prior to the actual stream for display purposes) and other purposes that are, but not limited; useful for the forums and/or steam discussions before, during or shortly after the tournament. If no banner or image has been presented, we will default to text-generated banners.
  7. Communities are to present 2 teams of 4 players. (or more for internal qualifiers)
  8. Backup Players are optional, but recommended. (For if someone drops out.)
  9. If a Community has more than 8 interested players, they may opt to create more than 2 teams, but internal qualifiers will select two teams which go to the actual tournament.
  1. Headcrab canister spam is only permitted after a Tournament Moderator or higher grants permission. (This can be spammed, and is unsportsmanlike.)
  2. After 5 minutes post-game launch, base attacks are permitted. A Tournament Moderator will keep time.
  3. After 15 minutes post-game launch, and no attack has been made yet, a Tournament Moderator may take action to keep the pace in the game.
  4. If a team does not show up, or more than 2 users are absent from the match, the opponent will be named victorious by default.
  5. Usage of glitches or bugs will result in automatic disqualification.
Contact Information;

In order to notify the Tournament Staff about the teams, you can contact them through any of the following means;
Songbird, Tournament Manager
Leave a message on his Steam Profile.
Send a message on the Discord Server in the Tournament channel.

Hayden, Tournament Communications
Leave a message on his Steam Profile.
Send a message on the Discord Server in the Tournament channel.
With best regards;

Community Manager

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