June 15 Update

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June 15 Update

Post by Mr. Darkness » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:58 pm

Today we released an update. We were planning to release an update a little bit later, but due to network issues we made it a little bit earlier.
Before we go on, we are MISSING a few things in this update:
-New Garrison and Spec Ops models by Brad Staley, The Gentleman, and -Jack Staley, Jackskullcrack (and its particle effects).
-Scrap points on hlw_meltdown reworked
-Competitive game mode still needs balancing (strategists, feel free to take active part on reviewing this game mode ;]).

15th June update:

Reworked and improved Destroy HQ game mode:
  • Renamed to "Competitive"
  • Added units and buildings limits for Competitive game mode:
    -- Striders limited to 3 units
    -- Hunter limited to 8
    -- Scanner limited to 8
    -- Combine Snipers limited to 12
    -- Combine Elite limited to 15
    -- Clawscanner limited to 12
    -- Headcrab Canister launchers limited to 3
    -- Annihilation Mortar limited to 5
    -- DOG limited to 3
    -- Vortigaunt limited to 10
    -- Veteran limited to 14
    -- RPG limited to 10
    -- Flamer limited to 12
    -- Saboteur limited to 8
    -- Medic limited to 12
    -- Radio tower limited to 4
    -- Teleporter limited to 3
  • Original Headquarters now works in the old way - spawns engineers and scouts
  • Junkyard spawns engineers, no longer works as headquarters
  • Vortigaunt den has made its return and now spawns vortigaunts and DOG.
  • Rebels Aid Station capacity increased from 6 to 8
  • Rebels Aid Station health increased from 300 to 400
  • Reworked cover points on most of the maps and completely removed from maps such as hlw_synth which don't have any legit cover positions.
  • Fixed sp_radio_tower start scene not playing properly
  • New sp_abandoned mission by JJ
  • hlw_base4 scrap points spreaded out a little
  • Soldiers now channel when switching from SMG to AR2 and SG. Same mechanic is now applied for Combine Elites.
Misc (with hotfix on June 16th):
  • Saboteurs can now capture Mech Factory
  • Vortigaunt's suicide antlions health reduced from 160 to 90
Mr. Darkness: fucking game
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Mr. Darkness: ya, the devs must be some total twats
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