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Winter Update

Post by Mr. Darkness » Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:59 pm

Lambda Wars - Winter Update
The snow has hit the lands of Lambda Wars! Brace yourselves as the snowstorms make it hard to see.

New maps were added:
hlw_forest_winter (Visibility: moderate)
hlw_village_winter (Visibility: hard)
hlw_woodland_winter (Visibility: hard)
hlw_slums_winter (Visibility: clear)
hlw_mine_winter (Visibility: hard)

A little bit delayed, but Merry Christmas everyone and upcoming Happy New Year! :)
For you we even changed the Lambda Wars steam icon to look more festive ;).

The full changelog:
  • Maps:
    * Winter versions of hlw_forest, hlw_slums, hlw_village, hlw_mine, hlw_woodland
    * New map hlw_fortress (by Pufulet)
  • Improvements:
    * Abilities can now pick a target unit by left clicking the unit portrait/slot in the hud
    * Add key binding option to cycle throught the active unit type of the ability hud
    * No longer show disconnect/5 minutes reconnect warning message when player disconnects after the game ended
  • Fixed:
    * Fix manhack getting stuck on enemies, not moving back for next attack
    * Fix manhack not attacking correctly at all when being ordered to attack an enemy
  • Misc:
    * Update CEF to version 3.2526.1364.gf6bf57b (Chromium 47)
Mr. Darkness: fucking game
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Mr. Darkness: ya, the devs must be some total twats
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Mr. Darkness: "Lambda Wars"
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