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Lambda Wars Update

Post by Sandern » Sat Aug 29, 2015 9:17 pm

Since we like breaking improving things, we did two small updates today to fix several issues:

The first one is to fix a performance issue when an unit tries to attack an unreachable enemy, causing a lag spike:
  • Lag spike/performance issues when an unit tries to attack an unreachable enemy
  • Preview position of placing buildings not always being the same as the actual place position
  • Being able to place buildings partially on edges. Building placement is more strict now.
  • Missing fallback for Steam avatar image in HTML UI
  • Rollermine not exploding when killed under water
  • sp_waste: Prevented AI from reaching undesired part of map.
  • When game is unable to find the Steam client, a dialog is displayed with "Steam client missing or out of date..." with a suggestion to restart Steam.
The second update we did today was to fix problems with placing scrap power generators as Combine, and fixes some lobby issues as well:
  • Various cases where you can't place scrap power generators
  • Not connecting automatically to player hosted games in some cases (still showing as "starting")
  • Sometimes the lobby not re-usable after the hosting player disconnects

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