Multiplayer Beta 1.0.2 Released

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Multiplayer Beta 1.0.2 Released

Post by Sandern » Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:51 pm

We have released Beta 1.0.2 of Half-Life 2: Wars.

You can download the new release from download section.

Changelog for Beta 1.0.2:

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Wars 1.0.2 changes
* Decreased damage done by smg1, shotgun and ar2
* Increased damage grenade ability
* Decreased health Antlion Guards with 50%
* Decreased damage antlion melee attacks

* Overrun mode
  - "Next wave" timer will not be activated until only 20% enemies are left to be killed or spawned
  - Added option to defend against incoming waves of combine instead of antlions

* Combine medic station
* Combine shield generator
* Stalker attack/repair/construct laser
* Dispel ability Vortigaunt
* Strider (sandbox)
* Unit portraits
* Unit selection is now additionally sorted on unit priority
* Description of each gamemode in the gamelobby
* Sandbox mode now provides a button for directly controlling an unit
* You can now order around units while holding shift in direct unit control mode
* You can now specify the unit arrival direction by dragging the right mouse in the direction you want
* New music track "A New Revolution"

* or_crashed
* or_hot_sands
* Improved direct unit control (sandbox mode)
* Reduced amount of data send from servers to client resulting in less lag when a lot of units are moving around
* Unit navigation, movement and ai

* Incorrect movement speed units (about 50% too fast)
* Units spawning at the wrong position after being produced at a building
* Several unit animations not be being played on dedicated servers
* Skirmish: being unable to queue orders or group units
* Replicated ConVars created in Python not behaving correctly on dedicated servers
* No muzzle flashes appearing from weapons

* Version checker to notify the user about future releases
* A notification is now shown on game startup if you do not have Episode Two installed
* Gamelobby chat now uses the default chat system, so chat is visible in the console
* Additional game content is now mounted on game startup if present (ep2, ep1, tf2, hl1, css)

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Re: Multiplayer Beta 1.0.2 Released

Post by MCJJ » Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:54 am


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Re: Multiplayer Beta 1.0.2 Released

Post by pandango » Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:22 am

Another piece of hard work released, nice job guys!

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