The development is currently on a halt

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The development is currently on a halt

Post by Mr. Darkness » Sat Mar 16, 2019 3:06 pm

Hey guys.

Thank you all very much for playing the game.
I wanted to let you guys know that I personally won't be able to work on the game till about May-June for several reasons:
  • My PC is currently dead (been like this for two months already);
  • I have to do my thesis;
  • Work.

Sandern is also currently very busy with his other projects, and as you may understand, the mod doesn't provide us anything for a living, so it's a lower priority for us.

Still though, I expect to work on it more when I have the time and resources for that. I love the mod and I wouldn't abandon it like that.

Also we have the community that keeps making maps (someone as MrLazy who made so many maps already, and some other community members are actually beginning on taking their part in this!).

If you guys would like to chat, feel free to join our Discord channel, I try to be as active as possible there:

So see you there!

UPD: Tyler, thanks a lot! <3
Mr. Darkness: fucking game
Sandern: yeah, game sucks
Mr. Darkness: ya, the devs must be some total twats
Mr. Darkness: Who even names a game like that
Mr. Darkness: "Lambda Wars"
Mr. Darkness: fucking pathetic
Mr. Darkness: right?
Sandern: yes

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