Lambda Wars Update 26th January 2018 (version 3.11a, rev. 6448)

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Lambda Wars Update 26th January 2018 (version 3.11a, rev. 6448)

Post by Mr. Darkness » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:49 am

Welp, I was expecting to make this update a bit more exciting, but sadly it was hard to complete everything in time, so I will release these things during next month, I hope.

Had to design the cover for this update myself, since Carbongo, the one who made that awesome Christmas update design vanished into thin air. No clue what happened there. All I know is he's mad at me for some reason. I hope he at least tells me what the issue was.

Anyway, to the good stuff!


Concept art by:

The map took quite some time to work on. It took a long time for me to adjust the environment for the map as well as the weather effects. Hopefully it runs well on low-end PC's!


  • Increased Dropship flight altitude to 600 (from 430)
  • New map by Mr. Lazy - hlw_bridge
  • hlw_breakout: fixed the navigation issues and added more detail
  • hlw_citadel: Reworked the geometry of the map, fixed dropships being stuck in the sides of the map, optimized the map for AI
  • hlw_city16: Fixed navigation issues
  • Lobby fixes for tooltips
  • You can now see the AI player difficulty as a lobby member
  • Fixed a case where you could buy a unit too early due the way the resource accumulation worked.
  • Jeeps now blow up when they die :)
P.S: There will be an overrun version of hlw_bridge down the road.
P.S.2: Expect issues with the update. They never come without an issue.
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