Recent Activity & 300+ Discord members!

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Recent Activity & 300+ Discord members!

Post by Wrench » Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:16 pm

Hello everyone,

Over the past few weeks, and even the course of two months, we've been rather quiet.

Since I cast aside all of my community management tasks, and instead opted to delegate said tasks to someone else, I've had the good fortune of concentrating fully on Vortal Storm Hosting, and the management of VS as an organisation. Still, this did not seem to cut it.

Nobody held any development meetings, and as such, nobody knows what to concentrate on. This is something I hope to tackle very soon in the next few weeks to get everyone refocused on tasks needing doing. Provided all the task schedules go well, I hope to make a start on one early level for the singleplayer campaign that people have been wanting so desperately.

In other news...

What once started as a small initiative by me to consolidate what little was left of the community surrounding Lambda Wars, has now, some 9 months later, surpassed the 300 member mark last weekend! This is a huge victory for us, knowing that the community and those interested in participating is much larger than initially thought. The team behind Lambda Wars is forever grateful for your continued participation and friendly banter in the Discord!

I hope to give a better update sometime soon to sketch a better view of how we're doing development wise.

Until then!

With best regards;

Community Manager

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