This guide explains how to setup and run a dedicated Lambda Wars server on Windows.

First off, Lambda Wars players do not directly connect to a dedicated server, like through a dedicated server browser (e.g. TF2). Instead they create a lobby on the Steam back-end and automatically find a server. When no players are at the server, it gets marked as available.

A Lambda Wars server can be customized using a Banner and Message of the Day (motd), which are displayed at the start of the game. If you have ideas for more customization or exposure of your server, please let us know at our forum or mail us.

Step 1 Extracting / Running

First you will need to download SteamCMD from the steam developer website:

This should be all you need to download manually and from here on out we will go in-depth on how to set up a dedicated Lambda Wars Server.

Extract the files from the to a suitable location, for example "C:/steamcmd".

When all the files have extracted to the new location of C:/steamcmd, go to this folder on your computer and run steamcmd.exe once to get it to download all the required files before hand. You are ready to start downloading the files required to run a Lambda Wars server after it finishes downloading.

Step 2 Running Steamcmd.

Run the following commands in Steamcmd to get Lambda Wars downloading.

Login using your Steam username and password:

./steamcmd.exe +login username password

Set the installation directory of Lambda Wars:

force_install_dir C:\server\LambdaWars

Start downloading the Lambda Wars dedicated server:

app_update 319060 validate

When this hits 100% you can use the quit command to exit Steamcmd

Step 3 Starting the Lambda Wars Server

In this step we will be running the server for the first time. You will need to do a few things to make the server run correctly before running the exe file.

Lets start that the easy bit. Navigate your computer to where your server is located, for example "C:\server\LambdaWars"

Once you have done this right click srcds.exe and click create shortcut. Once the shortcut has been created you will now have to right click the newly created shortcut and select properties.

A new window should open your looking for the textbox next to Target. In this textbox you should see similar like this:


This is an example command which will help launch the server force it to a maximum of 8 Players and have it spawn on a map. The map choice doesn't matter, however is required to correctly start the server.

So your target textbox should now look similar to the following:

[installpath]\lambdawars\srcds.exe -game lambdawars -console +maxplayers 8 +map gamelobby -port 27015

Press OK to close the properties window. Now your back in the root folder of the server run the SRCDS shortcut to start your server.

Launching the shortcut will open a terminal window which will pull up loads of information and scroll it down to know the server is running scroll the terminal window to the top and it should list some information about the server or alternatively you could use the status command to pull some information about the server.

Step 4 Customization: Banner and MOTD

The server banner and MotD follow similar rules as used for Left 4 Dead. See this guide: or

Step 5 Password (optional)

You can set a password on your dedicated server to prevent players from claiming your server. Add the following line to your server.cfg:

wars_gameserver_password yourpassword

Now create a lobby and look for the password field. It's among the options for the selected game mode. Enter the password previously set here.

If you have followed this guide correctly you should have done everything to get a working Lambda Wars server.