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Unrefined Changelog thread

By Mr. Darkness posted May 15, 2017
I figured it wouldn't be bad to have a full changelog history, starting from version 3.00.

I'll be posting the full changelog list here, for everyone to see.
Lambda Wars Patch 20 April 2017 (3.04d)
* Fixed and improved AI. It was broken due to some abilities completely breaking the AI mechanics.
* All the units now use abilities. Striders shoot their cannons, hunters charge in,
* Fixed sp_waste, soldiers stuck underground issue.
* Reduced Riot Metrocop price from 25 to 20

Lambda Wars Patch 16 April 2017 (3.04c)
* Fixed hunter being able to jump on places with no navigation meshes
* Fixed precaching of Rebel units at the start of the game
* Update viewport html UI tech:
- use webpack for bundling. No longer dynamically load js files.
- Remove dojo library which was used for emulating classes. Now use ES6 classes.

Lambda Wars Hotfix 15 April 2017 (3.04b)
* Vortigaunts got fixed (they were not meant to be THAT powerful).
* Overrun Shield generator now works once again.

Lambda Wars Update 15 April 2017 (3.04a)
* Mortar now deals only 10% of its damage to buildings
* Vortigaunt Den requires Munition Depot + Triage center
* Vortigaunts: Buffed Dispel damage and stun chance, increased dispel cast animation time by x2.
* Vortigaunt price increased to 70/55
* Partisan molotov health reduced from 140 to 100;
* Changed antlions from suicide antlions to regular antlions. Antlion count per Vortigaunt increased to 3 (from 2);
* Dog deals more damage to Synths;
* Dog now stuns striders and deals more damage to them with his Jump;
* Mechanical Factory requires a Garrison
* Stink bomb duration reduced to 1 second (from 5)
* Stink bomb effect duration increased from 0.1 secs to 3.0 secs.

* hlw_city16 is now (finally) out. Enjoy :)

* Updated c4 explosion effect (looks fancy now);
* Updated nuke effect (also looks fancy now);

* Added death sounds to rebels, citizens, vortigaunts, metrocops
* Added voice lines for loyal citizens, different from Rebels
* Added hurt sounds for units - they have a chance to make pain sounds when hurt
* Added warning sound for rebel flamer when he gets shot in the back. He yells "Run for your life!" or "No, nooo!" when that happens.

* Fixed the issue with rebel flamer standing still after getting shot in the back. The flamer was supposed to explode and die. This is fixed now.

* Added a new main menu track by YIA. YIA - Dangerous Streets. Both original and the new track play in the main menu randomly.

* Added Czech translations by PsychoParek.

Lambda Wars Update 10 April 2017 (3.02b - Hotfix)
* Added player receiving scrap on sp_valley when reaching the barracks.
* Fixed sp_valley barracks not making units (required an armory) - placed an armory hidden outside the map and set some npc spawn points higher angles so they don't fall through the ground.
* Fixed sp_abandoned - Units can no longer walk through the electrical line. And if they do, they get rekt.

Lambda Wars Update XX March 2017 (3.01c)
* Increase stunstick attack speed (from 1.5 to 1 sec)
* Increase stunstick damage (from 10 to 15)
* Increase Metropolice Riot health (from 120 to 150)
* Increase Metropolice Riot price (from 20 requisition to 25) Comment: early game requisition gain is a problem, but should be ok for stopping early rushes
* Set Rebel Engineer tier to 1
* Reduce Engineer health to 50
* Increase Headcrab Cannister launcher launch cooldowns (from 8 to 30 seconds)
* Increase Fast Headcrab Cannister price
* New Cannister type - Empty shell (Cheap price, 8 sec cooldown)
* Reduce the amount of fast headcrabs to 4 (from 6)
* Increase the amount of poison headcrabs to 5 (from 4)
* Increase cannister flight time (from 1 to 2 seconds)
* Increase cannister land damage (from 75 to 150 damage)
* Set Combine Shieldgen to be untargettable by troops (guys, aim for the power generators instead).
* Update mortar sound effect
* Reduced Mortar price, mortar ability cost and reduced cooldown.
* Reduced the damage taken by bunker units to 30% (from 50%)
* Changed bunker prices (require more power/scrap than requisition)

Lambda Wars Update 25 February 2017 (3.01b)
* Error model inside combine bunker
* Tutorial now works properly
* Shieldgen no longer requires power in Overrun

* Rebel CPU now builds junkyards near scrap
* they are now more aggressive early game

* Rescaled price for veterans by a bit
* Reduced health for veterans to 130 (from 180)
* Increased crossbow damage from 100 to 160
* Increased crossbow explosive bolt damage from 100 to 240
* Partisans with molotov and partisans with smg now share the same passive "Revolutionary Fervor"
* Metropolice with pistols now require additional 1 power for production.

* Reduce max particle count for a few particle effects

* Modified mortar effect a bit.

Lambda Wars Update 11 February 2017 (3.01a)
* Competitive rebel billet now costs 10 requisition and gives 4 population.
* Competitive resources - added "power" to resources table.

* hlw_thirst - Small changes for highground - units can't get on them anymore.
* hlw_outland - Added trigger_hurt beneath the map that kills units, which may get stuck (headcrabs, etc).

* New structures - Bunkers for Rebels&Combine and Combine Forcefield preveiously seen in Overrun now in Annihilation and Competitive modes. The force frields require power generators.
* New ability for Saboteur - Plant Mines (they also have stripes on them for convenience)

* Rebel flamer now throws smoke grenades
* Partisan with SMG was added back to the barracks (with increased cost and production time)
* Partisan with Molotov now has the same passive as Partisan with SMG
* Rebel soldier and Combine soldier now have to be unlocked by constructing a Munition Depot/Armory
* When a fast headcrab kills a human unit, it gets turned into a fast zombie
* Metrocop with pistol was added back to the game. Upgrading to metrocop to SMG costs 15 req 7 power, while making a metrocop with SMG1 is cheaper
* Tier system, where lower tier units do less damage against higher tier units

* Added work sounds for buildings when in process of making units and researching upgrades.

* Munition depot/Armory price was increased (40/20 - 40/40; 40/30 - 40/50)
* Rebels and Combine have to unlock grenades individually per unit.
* Grenade explosion timer was increased./code

Moving to new forums

By Mr. Darkness posted May 15, 2017
As you guys might have noticed, or may already know, we aren't using the old URL anymore and are moving to URL instead. At the moment the game uses the old forums for information, but soon (hopefully) it will be the new forums.

Stay tuned!

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