January 24th Update

January 24, 2015 by Sandern0 forum comments »

We released an update with the following changes:

  • Reduce rate at which the Vortigaunt can spawn Antlions
  • Added autocast for the rebel radio tower scan ability, if on, it will automatically scan the last scanned position
  • Hunter flechette damage increased from 5 to 8, cost is now 50r 60p and build time 45s
  • Reduced Rebel shotgun health from 180 to 160.
  • Reduced Combine shotgun health from 240 to 220.
  • Reduced shotgun range from 550 to 500.
  • Reduced Rebel shotgun cost from 10 scrap to 5 scrap.
  • Increased Rebel shotgun movement speed from 231 to 250.
  • Increased Combine shotgun movement speed from 227 to 247.
  • Reduced flamer maxrange from 450 to 370.
  • Crossbow now has proper reload time after shooting an explosive bolt

  • Combine Elite alt-fire ability not hitting Striders
  • Cooldown incorrectly set on Metrocops that did not deploy a Manhack because of not enough resources
  • Rebels radio tower taking population while scan is active
  • Unable to switch target firing buildings with Metrocop, Engineer and Stalker
  • Various menu/chat/lobby graphics layout issues

  • hlw_camp: Removed.
  • hlw_woodland: Added. Remake of hlw_camp.

  • Added team color textures to Dog, Vortigaunt, Hunter and Claw Scanner
  • Improved team color textures of all Combine infantry

  • Added new gamemode called "Destroy HQ", you win by destroying all enemy HQ buildings
  • Added ? behind gamemode dropdown box, displays gamemode description tooltip on mouse hover.

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January 14th Update

January 14, 2015 by Sandern5 forum comments »

We released an update with the following changes:

  • Combine Sniper Steady position ability is now autocasted when encountering an enemy
  • Increased setup time of Combine Sniper Steady position ability from 2 to 5 seconds
  • Combine Sniper Steady position ability is no longer canceled when manually targeting an enemy
  • Combine Hunter charge ability is no longer autocasted by default
  • Strider Impale ability is no longer autocasted by default
  • Vortigaunt Dispel ability is no longer autocasted by default
  • Disabled scrap drops for metrocops
  • Increase Antlion base melee damage to 10

  • Add back fix for reliable channel overflow error, now fixed fixed
  • Potential crash related to units following other friendly units
  • Potential crash related to unit path finding and placing buildings
  • Engine precache error when spawning a poison zombie and kill it in Sandbox
  • Strider Minigun visually aiming at the wrong spot when shooting
  • Combine Mortar impact sound is now played at the impact spot
  • Units shooting at friendlies until they detect a valid new enemy (but not doing any damage) on sp_valley
  • Soldiers mounting turrets are no longer immune to stunning when headcrab canisters are launched at them

  • Added autocast off overlay for ability icons, so now one can see that the ability supports autocast even if it's off by default

  • Lowered volumes of smg1, ar2, crossbow, shotgun and pistol weapon fire sounds and switched pistol and SMG sounds to NPC versions
  • Added Portuguese translation (by rui_troia)
  • Updated Romanian translation (by Meat Hoxton)

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January 5th Update + 6th January Hotfix

January 5, 2015 by Sandern1 forum comments »

We released another small update which reverts the fix for the "reliable overflow error", due side effects in some cases. Changelog is as follows:
  • Revert fix for "reliable overflow error" due unexpected side effects
  • Add option to kick spectators
  • Increased Hunter health to 500
  • Took the smoke grenade from Veteran

We released an update with the following changes:

  • Add ability "Steady Position" to Combine Sniper, required for attacking (deploying the Sniper at the spot)
  • Headcrab cannister launcher now requires fog of war vision
  • Reduced stun radius of Headcrab cannister from 450 to 250
  • Add 33% stun chance to Headcrab cannister instead of always stun
  • Decreased bugbait count from 5 to 3 antlions.
  • Citizen speed increased from 209 to 217, view distance increased from 800 to 900
  • Combine SMG health increased from 200 to 220
  • Combine SG health increased from 200 to 240
  • Combine AR health increased from 200 to 220
  • Rebel SG health increased from 160 to 180

  • Team setup is now auto selected in game lobby if map supports this, instead of always defaulting to Free for All

  • Snapshot error/reliable snapshot overflow upon joining a game in progress or after much packet loss
  • Startup crash in loading screen on some system configurations
  • Mountable turrets applying the damage attributes of the unit mounting the turret, instead of always pulse (applying too much damage in some cases)
  • Return to single-player menu after leaving the offline lobby
  • Smoke grenade not disappearing in some cases
  • Improve hit location of Headcrab Cannister to prevent getting stuck in the air
  • Manhacks not hitting their enemies due flying too high
  • Being able to pickup scrap using weapon projectiles or other player owned objects (e.g. explosive barrels)
  • Strider selection circle not being drawn properly

  • hlw_thirst: new
  • hlw_meltdown: fixed some navigation problems
  • hlw_snow_wasteland: removed buggy no build areas
  • sp_valley: citizen weapon can now be upgraded

  • Add team color to the Strider
  • Update Hunter attack particle effects

  • Add Video setting option to switch between lighting modes (performance)
  • Add Romanian translations (by Meat Hoxton)

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December 26th update

December 26, 2014 by Sandern5 forum comments »

We released an update with the following changes:

  • Decreased health of combine power generator form 450 to 150
  • Added back strider unlock
  • Added min range of 150 to combine snipers, so they can't fight melee
  • Increased strider population to 10
  • Increased population provided by Billet to 6
  • Gave rebel veteran and flamer the smoke grenade
  • Decreased fire range of floor turrets from 1024 to 870
  • Changed Vortigaunt scrap to 50
  • Made metrocops cheaper (15r pistol and 25r SMG) but made their armor 'light' again

  • Clicking on own/allied unit while ordering Patrol resulted in attacking that unit
  • Shotgunners missing the first shot when aiming for the enemy behind
  • Chat input does not work for some languages (e.g. Korean)

  • Global chat is now disabled when in-game
  • Updates to game text, some of them by Alex_Black_Raven to Russian translation
  • Update Korean translations

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December 21st Update

December 21, 2014 by pandango0 forum comments »

    * Strider Impale ability broken
    * Empty online lobby upon joining after leaving an offline lobby
    * Fog of war not being updated (or anything really) if you joined an online game after playing an offline game (caused by fixes/hacks made for the totally broken pause behavior in Alien Swarm engine...)
    * Hunters and Striders getting stuck at their spawn if the player did not move them and the next unit was spawned
    * Striders getting stuck when moving along each other


    * Replace Rebels Veteran grenade ability by new ability to fire an explosive crossbow bolt
    * Changed Combine Elite energy ball recharge time to 30 seconds.
    * Set different radius for Vortigaunt Dispel ability's sensing (700) and dispel force (1680).
    Now it works on units that approach to SMG distance but sends them away flying further and faster!
    * Weapon range tweaks:
      ........- Flamer -> 420
      ........- SMG -> 650
      ........- Pistol, Antlion Worker acid attack -> 750
      ........- AR2 -> 820
      ........- Crossbow, Combine ball -> 870
      ........- Vort attack -> 950 (for Veterans not to deal with Vorts easily by outranging them in RvR)
    * Decreased Antlion health to 90 and Antlion Worker health to 120 (should be more balanced with Vorts in Annihilation and in Overrun as well)
    * Decreased Vortiguant Den scrap from 60 to 45
    * Vortigaunt scrap increased from 45 to 60, build time increased from 45 to 55
    * Decreased Antlion health from 150 to 90
    * Raised salvaging Engineer limit to 5 on large scrap points and to 2 on small ones
    * Hold position ability now ignores units in cover

Lobby/Matchmaking improvements:
    * Visualize time-out countdown in "Waiting for Players" screen and change time-out from 5 minutes to 1 minute and 30 seconds. Game will start after this time period, regardless of whether everybody is loaded yet. Still possible to late join.

    * New male and female Combine loyal citizen skins.
    * Updated male and female Rebel citizen (Refugee/Partisan) skins.
    * Improved metrocop's colour mask.
    * New icons for Combine loyal citizen, Refugee (Rebel citizen) and Partisan to match the new skins.

    * Added new map hlw_snow_wasteland made by Mr. Darkness
    * sp_valley - Set Combine CPU team color blue, player Rebel team color orange and allied CPU Rebel color green
    * sp_valley, (yet to do sp_radio_tower) - Now use new entity wars_player_setup for CPU players to have faction-correct control point fortification models in singleplayer.

    * Updates of game text
    * Added korean tranlation made by ???_KOR] Plan

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