Lambda Wars Beta HL2 RTS Mod Released For Free On Steam

December 6, 2014 by Ennui0 forum comments »

EDIT: We are having issues with making the game available on Steam, so the mod is not currently available for download. We will update you via our Steam Community Hub once this problem is resolved.
Issue has been resolved - download Lambda Wars now on the Steam Store

We are proud to announce that Lambda Wars is now officially available for FREE to download on Steam! For those of you unfamiliar with us, we are a completely free Half-Life 2 real-time strategy (RTS) mod formerly known as HL2: Wars and have been in development for over six years with public releases throughout that time. This is our first official Steam release after successfully passing through Greenlight in January 2014.

Our Steam beta release brings with several major changes from our last version, most notably a complete overhaul of the in-game menu UI systems and revising our multiplayer matchmaking system to take full advantage of everything Steamworks offers. On top of that we have also spent a lot of time as usual on improving the mechanics and gameplay balancing and fixing a litany of bugs large and small. Below you can see some of the major UI work that has gone into this release:


You can go ahead and download it free on Steam right now by visiting our Steam Store page - thanks to Valve's fantastic support of free mods we are happy to announce that you do not need to own HL2 or any other Source games to play this for free! If you have any problems please post in the support section of our forum community.

Why still beta, you ask? Before we release Lambda Wars 1.0 we want to hear YOUR feedback. What works? What doesn't? What could be improved or added or removed? We want to hear from YOU, whether it's on our Steam Community Hub, our discussion forum, Facebook, Twitter or ModDB profiles. If you like what you see, do us a huge favor and spread the word!


We want to take this moment to thank all of the loyal players who have provided us with feedback over the years, as well as everyone who supported and voted for us in our Greenlight bid and got us into the top ten mods of the year in 2008 and 2010 for ModDB's MOTY vote. Most of all, thanks to Valve Software for being supportive and permissive and allowing us to use their IP and materials to build and distribute a RTS mod of the Half-Life universe we all love so dearly.

Download Lambda Wars for free now on the Steam Store. If you like it, show it by supporting us on Steam Community, our discussion forum, Facebook, Twitter and ModDB and by providing your valuable feedback, bug reports or support requests on our official community forum.

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Beta 2.3.6 Released

June 15, 2014 by Ennui0 forum comments »

Hi folks! We're back with the latest update for Lambda Wars: Beta 2.3.6. This is a pretty minor release that mostly focuses on bug fixing, updating the internal version of Python and some other small improvements to game balance, sound and visuals. You can read the full changelog at the end of this post. This release does not have an incremental patch, so you'll have to download the full EXE or zip file below (approximately 1gb) to install.

Stay tuned though, because as you remember we were Greenlit early this year and we're still moving steadily towards our inaugural release on Steam later this year. More details on that soon!

Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.6 FULL EXE (ModDB)
Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.6 FULL 7ZIP (ModDB)
Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.6 FULL 7ZIP (Lambda Wars)

Recruiting a Gameplay UI Designer!
We're still looking for a gameplay UI designer to help us rebuild the interface (menus/lobby first and eventually the ingame interface) in HTML5 via Chromium Embedded Framework. If you're a visual designer adept with CSS and JS and have a knack for UI/UX get in touch via our recruitment forum.

Lambda Wars 2.3.6 Changelog
Improvements and Balance:
* Reduced Strider's Dark energy cannon damage radius from 200 to 100
* Reduced Strider's Dark energy cannon cooldown from 30 to 20 seconds
* Reduced black and regular headcrabs HP to 80
* Reduced fast headcrabs HP to 60
* Unit selection interface: control + left click unit type in hud unit selection will filter selection on that type, while control + right will do the inverse.

* Add combine victory and defeat effects

* UPDATED: hlw_base4 (flora)
* UPDATED: hlw_meltdown (flora, various)
* UPDATED: hlw_slums (flora)
* UPDATED: hlw_synth (various)
* UPDATED: hlw_village (flora, various)
* UPDATED: hlw_waste (flora, various)
* UPDATED: or_base4 (flora)
* UPDATED: or_hill (flora)
* UPDATED: or_washedaway (flora)

CPU Player:
* Rebel CPU Player now collects scrap

* Improve cleanup of stuck enemies
* Headcrab cannisters are no longer launched between waves
* Scaled down bounding box of Headcrab Poison boss to prevent navigation issues on or_trapped

* Potentially broken buildings when the client requested a full game update due packet loss
* Combine Elite AR2 alt fire ability firing at wrong target due faulty aim code
* CPU player placing too many barracks, while not producing any units
* CPU player is now always ready in overrun
* Incorrect unit navigation when jumping off cliffs/edges (e.g. getting stuck)
* Headcrabs flying up to an unreachable location after being spawned from a killed zombie (in particular or_base4)
* Overrun game mode endless wave type not working
* Overrun game mode waves not progressing
* Strider's Dark energy cannon ability not taking resources
* Fix fog of war incorrectly revealed around control points in some cases due mismatch between server and client parameters
* Tooltips of units and abilities not disappearing on machines with a low framerate
* Upgrade energy fields of medic being shared with saboteur and scout, due which they can stay invisible forever
* Fortification of control point not removed after becoming neutral due a player being defeated
* When a zombie dies "chopped", it would potentially not be removed and become invisible and not solid

* Add name and description for "Ungarrison All" Ability
* Updated Python from 2.7.6 to Python 3.4.1
* Updated spanish translation, thanks to JLMCYT

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2.3.5 is out. Heading for Steam release, recruiting!

May 10, 2014 by HEVcrab0 forum comments »

Hey folks, the great 2.3.5 update is here, featuring numerous bugfixes, gameplay improvements, new graphic features and new maps: 8-player FFA hlw_synth and revamped 4v4 hlw_waste, now actually being a wasteland!

Image Image

Noticeable new features in 2.3.5:
- Control point fortification;
- Maps now look and play much more lifelike due to interactive flora;
- We're also glad to announce that Lambda Wars no longer require to own Half-Life 2: Episode Two. A free installation of Alien Swarm is now enough to play the mod!

And yes, we're advancing to Steam and need reinforcements to reach this milestone:

- Web-based Game UI Designer URGENT (
- Announcer/Voice actor (for lines such as "Building under attack" or "Need more requisition")

Get the latest full version or patch here, bug reports and feature suggestions are welcome at our
community forums!

Changelog for 2.3.5

Improvements and Balance:
* Control Points can now be fortified, preventing capturing until fortification is destroyed and increases income
* Added Rebel Radio Tower detecting cloaked enemies in a radius of 500 and performing
Scan ability (moved from HQ)
* Limited number of engineers which can salvage scrap at the same time
* Raised population limit from 75 to 100
* Added one additional Combine Population upgrade and updated existing population upgrades
* Replaced Rebel Engineer smg1 weapon by pistol
* Replaced Rebel Veteran weapons by Crossbow
* Increased build time Barracks/Garrison to 80 seconds
* Increased cooldown time of manhack deploy ability from 20 to 120 seconds
* Turrets, barricades and sub-component buildings no longer count as valid main buildings in Annihilation mode for victory conditions
* Reduce costs headcrab canister launcher builder from 40 req + 60 pow to 30 req and 40 pow.
* Reduce costs of launching headcrab canisters from 50 req + 50 pow to 30 req and 60 pow
* Reduce cooldown launching headcrab canisters from 30 to 8 seconds

* Replaced sprite based detail props by flora models
* Updated unit glow effect (less obtrusive)
* Units now get a green tint when detected while cloaked. Additionally the team color glow is enabled again from the enemies point of view and can be targeted by the enemy player.

CPU Player:
* Various adjustments in resource management
* Added Hard difficulty

* NEW: hlw_synth (8-player FFA)
* UPDATED: hlw_waste (complete revamp & added flora)
* UPDATED: sp_radio_tower (flora)
* UPDATED: sp_valley (flora)
* UPDATED: hlw_forest (flora)
* UPDATED: hlw_washedaway (flora)
* UPDATED: hlw_mine (flora)
* UPDATED: hlw_aurora
* REMOVED: hlw_battlemounds

Unit AI & Navigation:
* Right clicking a barricade now makes selected units go into cover around the barricade
* Improvements in navigation around barricades/mountable turrets

* Now defaults to 10 waves to win the game
* Increased preparing time between waves
* Added button to indicate the player is ready for the next wave (skipping remaining prepare time)
* Wave progress bar displaying the number of enemies left to kill
* Player now starts with 25 population. Tier 2 increases it with 25 and tier 3 increases it with 50.
* Tier 2 upgrade now costs 12 kills and tier 3 upgrade costs 15 kills (both were 20)
* During Leap attacks of Antlion and Headcrabs, they no longer collide with units of their same team
* Made various costs changes for Overrun. Hunter and Vortigaunt now cost 5 kills instead of 8 kills. AR2 soldier now costs 2 kills.
* Added two bosses for Zombies wave mode. They start appearing at wave 7. One is a larger version of the poison zombie, which throws more black headcrabs at once. The other one is a giant black headcrab, which spits acid.
* Boss type like units must be killed to progress to the next wave

* Enemy fire/tracer/sound effects not visible/played when they shoot at your units from a position hidden in the fog of war
* Soldiers holding weapon models incorrectly
* Annihilation game mode does not directly ends after destroying the last building (waits until the destruction animation finished playing)
* Unable to target Fuel or Explosive barrels using Attack Move ability
* Hunter blood effects not stopping after being healed
* Engineers not auto-casting "construct" ability after turning on autocast while being near a building needing construction or repairing.
* Unit not shooting enemies while being in cover and uncloaking
* Units going into cover at incorrect places when returning to idle position.
* Weapons of cloaked units were visually not cloaked
* Headcrab Cannister launcher still spawning headcrabs for a moment after being destroyed
* Single moving units sometimes getting stuck along a wall
* CPU difficulty not shown correctly to new players joining the game lobby
* Improved behavior of pausing the game in single player (broken because of an Alien Swarm engine bug)

* No longer required to own Half-Life 2: Episode Two. A free installation of Alien Swarm is now enough to play the mod!
* Added partial Spanish translations
* User Steam avatar is displayed in the to top left corner of main menu.

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Beta 2.3.4 Released

February 27, 2014 by Ennui0 forum comments »

Hi folks! Lambda Wars is back with another small update. Beta 2.3.4 is intended mainly to fix a couple of major bugs and add some small balancing changes, so there's not much to see here this time around - but it does resolve the major animation issues in 2.3.3.

We're already hard at work on 2.3.5, which will be a more substantial release with some exciting new features, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can download Beta 2.3.4 from one of our mirrors below and read on for the full changelog. Note that you can download a patch that updates Beta 2.3.3 to 2.3.4, a 7zip archive for the full 2.3.4 files, or an EXE installer for 2.3.4.

Enjoy, and as always please feel free to stop by our community forums to let us know what you think (as well as report bugs and suggest features)!

Lambda Wars 2.3.4 changes
Improvements and Balance:
* Increased Synth toughness against Slash and Bite (minor antlion/zombie/headcrab attacks), now Hunters make more sense in Overrun
* Added Metal attribute (tougher than Synth) for Dog and future superheavy full-metal units
* Added Crush attribute for Antlion Guard attacks, like Slash but dealing full damage to Synth and Metal
* Damage adjustments of Hunter charge and Strider impale attacks to improve gameplay
* Reduced Strider health from 2500 to 2000
* Increased range Combine Headcrab Canister Launcher from 4000 to 6000
* Combine Headcrab Canister Launcher must now be powered when launcher canisters

* UPDATED: hlw_village

* Randomized attack building target of enemies to prevent enemies from attacking the same player all the time on some maps

* Building construction animations not playing correctly
* Auto-construction animation of Combine Power Generator looking laggy/choppy
* Various animations not played when first playing a local game and then joining a multiplayer game
* Late precache of buildings and units occurring after starting a game from the lobby
* Air units (e.g. Manhack, Strider) not moving to their exact waypoints on a route to a goal, causing navigation issues
* Combine Metro Police does not play correct animation when falling (T-pose)

* Updated the tool bar style

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Beta 2.3.3 Released

February 10, 2014 by Ennui0 forum comments »

Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 has been released. This is a minor patch release primarily to address some bugs we noticed in last week's release of 2.3.2, along with a few minor balancing changes.

Unlike most releases, we have released a patch version for those of you who already installed Beta 2.3.2 last week. The patch is small (~34mb) compared to the full installer (~1.05gb) so if you already have 2.3.2 installed we recommend downloading the patch.

Download Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3
ModDB Mirrors:

Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 PATCH (from 2.3.2) - 7zip
Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 FULL - EXE
Lambda Wars beta 2.3.3 FULL - 7zip
Alternate Mirrors:
Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 PATCH (from 2.3.2) - 7zip
Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 FULL - EXE
Lambda Wars beta 2.3.3 FULL - 7zip

Lambda Wars 2.3.3 changes
Improvements and Balance:
* Reduced cover damage reduction from 60% to 50%
* Changed population cost of Combine and Rebel Soldier (SMG/Ar2/shotgun) to 2 (excluding the Engineer)
* Changed population cost of Vortigaunt from 1 to 3
* Changed population cost of Hunter from 2 to 3

* Air unit selection circles are now projected on the ground
* Added range indicators to Headcrab Canister Launcher, Barrel Trap, Regeneration Post and Rebel Scan ability

* UPDATED: hlw_abandoned (added new neutral wood fence barricade)
* UPDATED: hlw_village

* Unable to type text in Gamelobby chat
* Control Points sometimes incorrectly updated after an enemy captures it
* Units not finding the correct path to a Rock Barricade. They would would go around the obstacle depending on which side the units are (hlw_abandoned)
* Unit navigator cached paths were not cleared in some cases, causing incorrect navigation
* Just spawned units at a building moving in a random direction when no rally point is set yet
* Sometimes units keeps playing the fall animation
* Ability cancel notification messages not being shown
* Info box/tooltip of abilities incorrectly made visible after leaving unit direct control

* Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to branch 1750 (Chromium 33)
* Updated JQWidgets to version 3.2.0

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