May 22th Update

May 22, 2015 by Sandern0 forum comments »

We released an update to Lambda Wars with the following changes:

  • Unable to place Combine Generation Post building
  • Incorrect rally point visualization in some cases
  • "Let's Watch Some Fireworks Go Kaboom!" achievement not working correctly
  • Possible to start an Overrun or Annihilation game with the wrong start building

  • Headcrab Canister disappears after 60 seconds if not destroyed (zombie wave type)

  • Add team colors to Combine Scrap Power Generator building
  • Updated partial effect for combine scrap generator

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May 14th - Bug fixes and map updates

May 14, 2015 by Sandern0 forum comments »

Update with various bug fixes and map updates:

  • hlw_jungle - changes to prevent Striders from falling beneath the map
  • hlw_waste, hlw_thirst, hlw_slums, hlw_outland - updated scrap points to multiple smaller versions

  • Various improvements and fixes for Combine CPU Player
  • Incorrect unit Strider movement around certain places on maps
  • Being able to place buildings through other buildings in some cases
  • Incorrect unlock requirement for friendly fire achievement

Gameplay & Balance
  • Increased base income from unfortified control point from 0.1 to 0.15 requisition per 1.5 seconds

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May 9th Update - Achievements & Combine Resource System

May 9, 2015 by Sandern1 forum comments »

We released an update today containing 20 achievements, changes to the Combine resource system, one new 8 player map "hlw_jungle", balance changes and bug fixes. To see the list of achievements, head over to the achievements page.

After feedback from the community and discussion within the team, we decided to remove the scrap resource from the Combine faction. Now, Combine once again have two resource types: Requisition and Power. The Power resource can be gained through either power generators or by placing a special version of the power generator on scrap piles. The last one generates Power at a much higher rate than the regular power generator.


The changelog for this update is:

Gameplay & Balance
  • Update Combine Resource system:
    • Remove scrap collection and replace everything by power again
    • Regular Power generator generates the power resource again, but at a much lower rate
    • Introduce Scrap Power Generator, placed on scrap piles
  • Increase requisition cost of Rebel Partisan from 10 to 12
  • Increase requisition cost of Combine Metropolice from 15 to 18
  • Increase scrap cost Rebel Veteran from 15 to 20.
  • Decrease damage of Dog from 175 to 100 and decrease health from 800 to 750.
  • Reduce Revolutionary Fervor ability accuracy bonus from 0.25 to 0.1
  • Combine Elite alt fire ability now ignores friendly units for the first 0.35 seconds

  • Added hlw_jungle - A shanty town with 8 individual spawns, an open centre, and 3 narrow bridges over trenches along the outer parts of the map.
  • Updated hlw_snow_wasteland - Added reoccurring snow tornado and closed off centre area with destructible fences.
  • Updated hlw_village - Fixed units unable to use bridge on right side of map.

  • Broken/bad navigation of soldier/human sized units around Headquarters buildings
  • Air units (Observer, Strider) get stuck at towers on hlw_base4 (and similar cases on other maps)
  • Metropolice deploy manhack ability requires the Armory in Overrun

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April 26th Update

April 26, 2015 by Sandern0 forum comments »

We released another update today, fixing a crash introduced in the update of 24th April and some other fixes and changes.

Gameplay & Balance
  • Decrease cooldown Strider Cannon ability from 25 to 10 seconds

  • hlw_village: Added npc clips over holes in wooden dock and pier area, fixing some navigation problems.

  • Crash in unit pathfinding on some maps: or_trapped, or_washedaway, or_hill, hlw_base4
  • Player ending up in empty map after host player disconnects from game
  • Lobby players not auto-joining lobby host in some cases
  • Launched Headcrab canisters in Overrun getting stuck in the headquarters building
  • Headquarter buildings exploding after a player rejoins the game on hlw_base4

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April 24th Update

April 24, 2015 by Sandern0 forum comments »

Today we released an update containing bug fixes and a few balance changes:

Gameplay & Balance
  • Increased cost Combine Loyal Citizen from 5 to 8 requisition
  • Add Combine Armory requirement to Deploy Manhack ability

  • Being able to place buildings at various invalid locations, such as wall edges
  • Being unable to place buildings at various spots
  • Incorrect unit path finding for long distance move orders
  • Rebel Engineers and Loyal Citizens instantly delivering Scrap in some cases
  • CPU Player not producing any units in Overrun game mode
  • Unable to queue the following abilities as orders when the ability is automatically executed on a target: construct, garrison, mount turret and salvage abilities
  • Missing Rebel Engineer select/move/attack order sounds

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