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April 9th Update - version 3.02b Hotfix

By Songbird posted April 12, 2017
Hello strategists!

The following has been changed on today's update;

• Added player receiving scrap on sp_valley when reaching the barracks.
• Fixed sp_valley barracks not making units (required an armory) - placed an armory hidden outside the map and set some npc spawn points higher angles so they don't fall through the ground.
•  Fixed sp_abandoned - Units can no longer walk through the electrical line. And if they do, they get rekt.

Welcome to the new Lambda Wars forums!

By Songbird posted March 28, 2017
Hello everyone,

A lot of work was put into creating this both functional and aesthetically pleasing forum to your leisure. It contains a community hub area where players can discuss their everyday topics, or have some meaningful discussion on the game, and so forth. Added is a developer's section, with Community maps once more taking a return, and the necessary guides to help get you set up.

Up top at the link bar, you can find the donation bar(s), the team as it currently is and the steam statistics specifically for the Lambda Wars game, but only stats will get tracked of people who linked their steam accounts to the forum. You can do so by hovering over your name in the top right, and going to External Accounts. These statistics might even be used for giveaways later on!

Well, I hope to have informed all of you enough by writing this, and any further questions can be directed at forum moderators, they'll know what to tell you.

Be sure to read the rules, too!

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